The VARO team: young, experienced, passionate

Design, Supply chain and Production: 3 cornerstones of Made in VARO, managed and organised by 3 people who grew up in VARO.

The continuous growth of VARO, especially in the last twenty years, has corresponded to the professional growth of many people within the company, some of whom now hold top positions of responsibility.

Tiziano Rusconi, Riccardo Consonni and Ivan Zuffi are respectively Production Manager, Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager, R&D Manager and Technical department Manager: three people who have grown together with VARO over the years and who now hold important roles within the company.

Three figures with responsibilities in different areas, but who work closely together to coordinate the many activities underlying VARO’s success.

Tiziano Rusconi, 46 years of age and 26 years working in VARO, with an exemplary professional growth path that has led him to hold the position of Production Manager for over a year.
A long experience in the electrical and electronics fields, with many roles of increasing importance held over the years, including head of the electrical department, responsible for the internalisation of all software design, head of the robotics department at the time of the introduction of the first anthropomorphic arms to complete the VARO lines: an articulated and multidisciplinary path, culminating in 2022 with the appointment as production manager.

In a company like VARO, where most of the processes take place internally, the coordination of the various activities is fundamental to optimise times and ensure that each department does what it has to do exactly when it has to, so that the various hardware and software components are ready for the machine assembly stages. Consistent with the principles of Lean Manufacturing, at the basis of the continuous process improvement pursued by VARO, the new Director is giving continuity to the choices made by the previous management, to further optimise the internal organisation, reducing time and waste, while maintaining the high quality standards recognised in VARO’s productions.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager, Riccardo Consonni, 49 years old with over 25 years of experience in the field and 18 years at VARO.
A background in technical design, an in-depth knowledge of VARO machines and individual components, as well as a long experience in managing relationships with suppliers are the qualities that made it possible to select Riccardo Consonni as Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager. . This is a highly responsible role, which requires the ability to coordinate the activities of procurement, stock management and transport logistics, which are crucial to guarantee the execution time of works and therefore customer satisfaction and the competitiveness of the company. Riccardo is the face of VARO in managing relationships with suppliers, most of whom have become true partners over the years, able to contribute to the company’s success.

Ivan Zuffi, 48, VARO’s technical designer since 2000 and responsible for research and development and the technical department since 2016.

During more than 20 years working in the technical department of VARO, Ivan Zuffi has been able to turn the sometimes revolutionary ideas of the owner Giuseppe Rota and his long-time right-hand man Maurizio Garoffolo into projects, acquiring unique experience in the design of wire processing machines. Since 2016, he has been in charge of Research and Development and the Technical Department, and with his team he has been able to put innovations into practice, introducing technical and technological novelties, capable of improving machine performance, especially in machine set-up, a distinctive strength of VARO solutions recognised by the market.
The Research and Development Department and the Technical Department are in fact the soul of VARO and have enabled the company to be internationally recognised for its ability to create new technical and technological solutions in wire processing.
Especially in the manufacture of special machines, VARO’s technical department is able to make the difference and come up with new solutions to meet special requirements.

Design, Supply chain and Production: 3 cornerstones of Made in VARO, managed and organised by 3 people who grew up in VARO and are able to convey the company philosophy in their modus operandi to the departments they are responsible for.

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