2022 was a year of confirmation, growth, and expansion

Lucio Bussani and Emanuele Pozzi, VARO's sales team, talk about an intense 2022 under the commercial aspect.

Lucio Bussani and Emanuele Pozzi, VARO’s sales team, talk about an intense 2022 under the commercial aspect. The markets have been lively, despite the strong tension throughout the supply chain, and VARO has managed to manage the situation with flexibility and competence by growing turnover and especially orders acquired, driven by the expansion of the sales network.

For VARO, 2022 was a year of confirmation, growth, and expansion.
The confirmations were seen in markets where the VARO brand was already known and to which the technological level of its machines and the professionalism of its people are increasingly being recognized. The excellent results achieved in these markets in 2020 and 2021, despite the difficult scenario, were improved during 2022.

VARO’s growth during 2022 was a constant in multiple areas: from personnel to production site area, from the number of orders to turnover. Investment in research and development is also on the rise to offer the market solutions that are always in step with technology and anticipate customer needs.

Market expansion is the area where there has been a real shift from previous years, in which pandemic problems had prevented travel and participation in trade shows.
The development of new business partnerships and participation in international trade shows have enabled VARO to expand its market worldwide.

The Far East, Southeast Asia and Oceania proved to be very receptive markets interested in the technologies offered by VARO. Participation in WIRE Bangkok 2022 in particular proved to be an excellent starting point and a strong driver for VARO’s expansion into the wire processing market in Southeast Asia. The first results achieved in these areas during 2022 and the contacts developed in India, Vietnam, and Thailand portend excellent development during the new year that has just begun.

On the other side of the world, in the Americas, VARO has consolidated its presence in North America, with the sale of new plants in the USA and Canada. In Central America, the development of a new partnership to provide support quickly and to be more present in the market has already given the first feedback and here too we expect a 2023 of strong growth. New sales in South America, on the other hand, have revealed a market that is very interested in the world of wire processing machines, in which VARO will definitely invest in the future.

Finally, the Persian Gulf area, which is not yet manned by VARO, proved to be very receptive and fascinated by VARO’s solutions, and during 2023 we expect confirmation of the first orders and a growing demand for supplies for a booming market.

On the trade show side, VARO has been present directly or together with its territorial partners at more than ten trade shows around the world. WIRE was the most important event for the world of wire processing, and VARO participated as a protagonist, showcasing the innovations developed over two years, with an excellent market response.

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