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ROBOTIZED ISLANDS: automatic 3D welding

The robotic ISLAND is VARO’s solution dedicated to the production of items that require 3D welding and/or special applications that need to be able to be welded nonlinearly.

The robotic island represents the most versatile solution available in the resistance welding machine market for all those who need to continuously produce small/medium batches of extremely diverse products

Wire and/or sheet metal parts are manually loaded by the operator inside one of two dedicated holding jigs.

Once the manual loading operation is finished, the operator will give the consent to the manipulator to execute the automatic welding cycle, which will be done by means of column pointers totally developed by VARO.

During the welding cycle, the operator proceeds to load the second jig in a way that “hides” the loading time of the constituent parts.

At the end of the welding cycle, the manipulator deposits the template allowing the operator to manually unload the finished part. As soon as the first mask is left, the arm
robot picks up the second template and repeats the welding sequence.

The dual jig system allows for the use
optimal machine performance and minimizes downtime.

VARO also introduced an extremely intuitive programming system to allow you to quickly configure the system by adapting it to the new requirement.

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