SARG TURBO is the latest automatic welding machine produced by VARO. It was unveiled at WIRE 2024 and has been met with great success

SARG TURBO: When Flexibility Meets High Productivity!

The latest automatic welding machine produced by VARO was premiered at WIRE 2024 and has achieved great success.

The new SARG TURBO combines simple construction and high productivity without renouncing the feature that has made the SARG family famous: a fast machine set-up that has allowed SARG to become a real reference in its category.

This new TURBO version of the SARG enables high production performance to be achieved thanks to a significant increase in welding speed, reaching over 180 strokes per minute while maintaining the same reliability as always.

SARG is VARO’s family of welding machines designed for the production of mesh fences, modular fence panels, electro-welded panels, notched panels, in-line 3D folding and a lot more.

SARG welding systems are automatically fed by pre-cut and pre-straightened wire, specifically designed for producing perfectly geometric meshes used in commercial fences, security nets, and gratings. The automatic feeding of the SARG 2500 with pre-cut bars allows the machine to reach a high production capacity as well as perfect panel flatness.

SARG can also be equipped with presses for the production of 3D meshes and cutting units that allow the immediate manufacture of mesh with a customised profile.

SARG is a historical model of VARO that has evolved over time, integrating the latest technology and automation to increase its productivity and flexibility.

The new SARG TURBO version raises production to levels never achieved before, maintaining all the strengths that have made this family of machines famous.

“We are always looking for new solutions to improve our machines and make them more efficient, easy to use and long lasting.”

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