Double table semiautomatic welder machine for wire shelves and similars



S2D AR was created to meet the production needs of medium and large product series.
Suitable for grid manufacturers and others who need extreme elasticity, simplicity and above all productivity.

The main distinguishing feature of this machine is that it can make:

  • 2 identical grids at the same time on both boards
  • 2 different grids at the same time, each table dedicated to an article
  • 1 large single grid by joining the boards


The semiautomatic two jigs welding machine S2D A/R

allows for multiple products to be made, with timescales of
Extremely reduced work change: the ideal answer
for manufacturers who have a wide and varied range of
welded products.

The solution to the need for flexibility: rapid change of
work and wide variety of products that can be produced, with high precision and reliability at the highest level at all times.
Beyond that, VARO supports its customers by listening to
needs and developing customized solutions in
able to respond to specific needs.


Through the use of jigs, S2D A/R enables product changes with extreme ease and speed, while always maintaining a high degree of weld precision and quality.
Even in the fully manual version, a single operator can ensure a high level of productivity thanks to the ability to load one jig while the other is welding, thus enabling a continuous production cycle.
The jig can also be loaded with frames and/or curved parts to make even the most complex items easily, quickly and without time-consuming machine setup.

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Products made with S2D-AR

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