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A solid partnership that since 1997 has been synonymous with high professionalism: Curvaser, VARO’s exclusive partner for Spanish market.

A solid partnership that since 1997 has been synonymous with high professionalism: Curvaser, VARO’s exclusive partner for Spanish market.

The great success of VARO machines in Spanish market is the result of the long collaboration with Curvaser, a company founded in 1988 by Don Ernesto Serrano and led today by the second generation of the Serrano family, Javier, Ernesto and Diego.

VARO and Curvaser increased their presence and their success thanks to the high quality of VARO machineries and the efficiency of the service locally assured by Curvaser.

High specialization and technical assistance: Curvaser is by the side of the customers to ensure the full productivity of the machines supplied.

The end of the 90s and the early 2000s represented for Spain a moment of strong expansion and strengthening of internal production in metal processing, with a consequent growth of the reference market of Curvaser and VARO.

Since the beginning, the collaboration between the two companies has been able to meet the needs of producers of semi-finished and finished products made from metal wire: metal nets, shelving for mass retail channel, external fences, equipment for the PET world, complements of ” furniture, gratings for household appliances sector, cable trays in metal wire.

A vast market to which Curvaser and VARO keep supplying the best machinery and constant assistance.

Curvaser is present on the Spanish market since 1988 and has established itself over time as a synonymous of metal wire processing machines, for spare parts and assistance.

“Since 1997 we have chosen VARO for every solution related to wire processing. In almost twenty-five years of collaboration we have established not only a solid partnership, but a close relationship of trust and a strong human and emotional bond.

The esteem for the high professionalism of VARO, the Rota family and all the men of the company that we met over the years is the result of a rare professionalism and a unique ability to create tailor-made solutions.

The synergy between the two companies is very high and, thanks to our assistance and just-in-time spare parts service, we are able to provide added value to Spanish companies that choose VARO.

Our main goal is not only to supply technologically advanced machines, but to complete the service with efficient advice and assistance, to create solid relationships with both customers and our suppliers. “

Javier Serrano

The bond between VARO and CURVASER is solid and based on a professional relationship, which has become over the course of almost twenty-five years a relationship of personal friendship, based on trust and mutual esteem. The excellent results achieved over the years are a source of pride and stimulus to continue the collaboration.

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