straightening and
cutting machine



One of the flagship and most representative products of VARO’s offerings is the TRF wire straightener.

Robustness of the components, high performance and maximum reliability are the concepts that have guided its design.

Mechanics and electron ics of the TRF are combined to make it fast, reliable, easy to use and maintain and, above all, always precise. The interface placed on the machine has been developed to be as easy as possible to use and program by the operator.

The maintenance system allows to detect, even remotely, the need for intervention and automatically communicates the operations to be performed far correct maintenance of the machine. These remote operations are perfarmed and coordinated exclusively by specialized and competent technicians.

Reliability, efficiency, and high performance are in TRF’s DNA.

VARO’s TRF, thanks to its high productivity and maximum reliability, has been able to quickly become one of the leading and popular references in its product category.

Quick setup times, simple and intuitive interface and standard equipment among the most complete in its category, have allowed TRF to establish itself on the market as the best solution far the production of cut wire bars.

  • Complete equipment for 3 wire diameters (dragging guides, cutting unit, wire straightening bushes)
  • Reel and straightening rotor with variable speeds and electronically controlled by the machine
  • Mechanical stops far checking the cutting length
  • Feed ing with reels from 1 2 to 30 qt.
Customizable both in aesthetics and in the length of the counter, it can be equipped by dedicated accessories to increase its capabilities and manufacturing possibilities. Among the popular options is the VARO chamfering machine (with abrasive belt or chip remava!) in arder to speed up the creation of pre-cut chamfered bars useful above all in the world of”white”.

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