Automatic welding plant of gratings, shelves and similar



In response to the need to automatically produce large production batches, VARO has
developed the ISA 3D product family: a high-tech plant, extremely versatile and suitable for creating a wide range of medium/light meshes and gratings.

Available in various configurations, ISA 3D is designed to accommodate automatic loaders of transverse and longitudinal wires, frames, cutting and / or trimming units, welding units, molding units and everything that the plant needs for the production of item.

ISA 3D is equipped with modern software – simple
and intuitive – capable of handling all the parameters of
welding, as well as all the management parameters of the
loaders, directly from the PC on the machine.

ISA 3D is one of the most successful machines in the category of machines for mass production of small to medium-sized meshes and grids.
Due to its flexibility, i.e., its ability to be quickly repurposed through the installation of new dedicated equipment, ISA 3D guarantees high output and, most importantly, industry-leading quality and production efficiency.

Each ISA 3D project results from the careful analysis of each production stage so that the machine configuration as well as the choice of characterizing components are the result of symbiotic work between VARO and the buyer.

Through information exchange with the customer, VARO R&D designs machines that can be easily adapted to other items.


  • Dishwasher baskets
  • Special gratings
  • Oven and stove grates
  • Refrigerator grills

Dishwasher basket

Steel basket for industrial dishwasher

Dishwasher basket

Domestic dishwasher basket.

Oven grills

Steel grills for ovens and stoves
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