PRESS 10/20/25T

  • PRESSA 10/20/25T

This machine has been designed to bend and punch miscellaneous wire products (grids, meshes, baskets, shelves, etc..) or punching, traightening or other different operations where high power and speed are required.

Technical data

10 T20 T25 T
Power of cylinder 10.000 kgs 20.000 kgs 25.000 kgs
Adjustable pressure up to 200 bar 165 bar 205 bar
Maximum stroke of cylinder 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Oil pump motor 5,5 Hp 7,5 Hp 10,0 Hp
Capacity of tank 80 100 100
Fast descent's speed 300 mm/sec 200 mm/sec 200 mm/sec
Slow descent's speed 100 mm/sec 100 mm/sec 100 mm/sec
Working speed 20 mm/sec 20 mm/sec 20 mm/sec

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pressa 10 20 25t
pressa 10 20 25t
pressa 10 20 25t

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